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This unit is developed to recover volatile organic compound gas vented to atmosphere to prevent air pollution.

Typical Processable Gases
Hydrocarbon series
– Benzene
– Toluene
– Xylene
Halogen series
– Dichloromethane
– Tetrachloroethylene
– Chloroform
– Methanol
– Ethanol
– Butanol
– Acetone
– Methyl Ethyl Ketone
– Ethyl Acetate

Please contact us for another hydrocarbon gas for our review. Report will be issued whether the hydrocarbon gas can be processable or not.


Safe design
Safe design

Incombustible hydrophobic adsorption material and no thermal sources are adopted in the unit. Therefore, it is definitely safe even if combustible hydrocarbon gas vapor is processed to the unit.

High recovery rate
High recovery rate

We cleared EPA of USA 35Ghc/M3. The recovery rate of hydrocarbon gas is more than 99%. Or, it is possible to reduce hydrocarbon gas concentration less than 1 vol% at the outlet of the unit.

Low cost
Compact and low investment cost

Due to simple and skid-mounted unit, it is possible to install the unit at narrow site area with low initial cost investment.

Dry operation
Wet free –Dry operation

No effluent treatment facility for condensate water is required because no steam is used for Adsorbent’s regeneration.

Within the law
Atmospheric pressure operation

High Pressure Gas Safety Law (Japan) is not applied for the equipment since adsorption process is executed under the vacuum pressure.

Process Flow

Process Flow

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